Who We Are

Myasthenia Alliance Australia was formed to support the needs of myasthenics from all states, particularly on issues and items of national importance. At this stage, Queensland and New South Wales have signed the agreement but any state which has a group registered as an association is welcome to apply to join this alliance.

The objectives of Myasthenic Alliance Australia are to:

  • Support people sharing unique and differing experiences with the myasthenic syndrome.
  • Foster meaningful and distinctive dialogue amongst the associations through direct sharing of new information.
  • Develop and implement co-operative initiatives through a national platform that provides ‘one voice’ on issues pertaining to myasthenia.
  • Unify Australians with this condition and provide a pathway and voice for myasthenics throughout Australia
  • Promote an understanding and awareness of myasthenia through education and pressing for practical solutions through advocacy.
  • Promote and support research into this condition.
  • Ensure that each individual association continues to operate with full autonomy.

The Australian Myasthenic Association in NSW Inc.

The Australian Myasthenic Association in NSW Inc was formed in 1982. We offer support to anyone who suffers from Myasthenia Gravis, by email, phone or in person. We hold 4 meetings a year and circulate a newsletter just prior to each meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend. You can find out more about our Association by visiting our website www.myasthenia.org.au

Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland Inc.

The Myasthenia Association of Queensland Inc. was established in 1991. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with myasthenia gravis and their families by providing support, advocacy, research and developing public awareness. Our website www.mgaq.org.au lists the range of support and activities undertaken by the association. The management committee meets every month (except January) and is a vital, innovative and supportive group of volunteers.